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Las Hadas Golf Club

World famous Pete & Roy Dye designed the course. The first nine holes were opened in 1975, and this unique and unparalleled golf course has provided unforgettable experiences to hundreds of golfers since then.


We invite you to enjoy your game to the fullest, based on our history, design and infrastructure, and remind you that when you stand on the 18th TEE—known as The Million Dollar Hole—you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful views you have ever admired: our majestic Hotel LAS HADAS BY BRISAS, quietly sheltering the GREEN and watching you take your master shot. These images and sensations will remain etched in your memory forever.

You must always consider the proximity of our golf course to the sea, which makes the breeze a determining factor in your success. It is also important to remember that the Colima weather makes the GREENS slower than other golf courses in Mexico.

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Tee time winter: 18 holes starting at 6:45 - 14:00 hrs, 9 holes final round 16:00 hrs Tee time summer: 18 holes starting at 6:45 - 15:30 hrs, 9 holes final round 17:00 hrs Office hours: 6:45 - 21:00 hrs To schedule an appoinment, please contact or team at +52 (314) 335 3655 or [email protected]